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- Language Immersion Program -

Language Immersion Preschool

Locations Serving Novato, San Francisco & Marin CA

Our Language Immersion Preschool Program - available exclusively at out Stonecrest location - is designed to develop each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills.

Research shows that brain development in young children is more complex and more receptive to life-long language acquisition when exposed to the sounds and tones of a second language at a young age. Through social interactions and meaningful activities our highly trained and caring teachers provide a stimulating, enriching environment and curriculum that immerses the children in Mandarin and Chinese culture. 

Immerse your child in the Mandarin language and culture in one of our preschool programs!

Our curriculum is culturally and linguistically based on children’s interests and proven child development practices. The children learn to speak Mandarin and are introduced to reading and writing traditional Chinese characters through music, poems, chants and stories. In large/small group and individual activities, the children explore art, math, science, and literacy activities. Through meaningful and relevant content and engaging activities, children acquire Mandarin fluency and the disposition to be life-long learners.

No previous experience with Mandarin is needed for admission to our programs.
Why choose a preschool program that offers language immersion classes?
Children are naturally learning languages all the time. At this prime age, children are able to immerse themselves completely. They can learn another dialect quickly and easily, simply through play, engagement, and exploration. Many crucial habits are formed between the years of three and four. 

Children will lay down the foundations for many mental and social processes during this time period. Why not enrich your child's learning experience by enrolling them into our language immersion preschool? 

Call 415-886-2865 to learn more about our programs and pricing. The Language Immersion Preschool Program is currently only available at our Stonecrest location
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