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- Prekindergarten Education -

Early Childhood Education in San Francisco, CA

It has been proven through numerous studies that a quality foundation in education and learning before the age of 5 can have long term benefits in a child’s life. Through play and early learning in our early childhood education program, children can develop the skills that they will need to succeed in school, social situations and life in general. 
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Foster a love of learning with our early childhood education program.
At Alpha Kids Academy, we recognize how important the early years are in fostering a love of learning and a desire to explore and engage. Our dedicated teachers work with each student to ensure that they are given the opportunity to succeed. We provide a warm and nurturing environment so the kids can feel comfortable exploring and learning new things. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our early childhood education programs in San Francisco, CA can help your child, call today.
Why should your child enroll at our prekindergarten program?
A study with The Abecedarian Project shows that children who enroll in quality preschool programs are less likely to need special education, repeat grades, or get in trouble with the law. Another study shows that children who enroll at a pre kindergarten school are more likely to earn more money, graduate high school, buy a home, and have healthy relationships. 

When children are young, they are like sponges. It's a crucial time for children to learn social, mental, and emotional skills. Here at Alpha Kids Academy, we strengthen our children's sense of independence and intelligence. It starts here!
What are the benefits of a preschool program?
Social skills.
Children that are able to socialize with other people than their immediate family is essential to learning and growth. Socializing in a safe environment helps children develop confidence and overcome shyness. Don't hinder a child's social development by delaying enrollment at a pre-kindergarten school.

We highlight teamwork at Alpha Kids Academy. It's an essential building block to the social sphere. Our preschool program emphasizes team building to improve cooperation among the group. If a child learns how to cooperate at a young age, they'll have an easier time as an adult.

Love of learning. 
By teaching children the value of education at a young age, they'll have the enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Children's minds are open to the world. Let's show them how wonderful learning really is!

Improved concentration.
Children can operate at 100 miles an hour. By placing them into a pre-kindergarten school, they'll learn how to follow rules, listen, and participate in group activities. This balance creates improved concentration over time.

Start your child off on the right foot with Alpha Kids Academy. Give us a call today at 415-886-2865!
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